Friday, December 08, 2006

"An Ontarian in Newfoundland": the Coles Notes

So, apropos of the weird using-this-blog-to-see-if-I'm-a-prof-you'd-want-to-take-a-class-with phenomenon, I thought I might try to make the process more expedient for people currently wading through old posts on my cat, the St. John's landscape, politics, books, etc. etc. by offering some representative entries.

Because I figured, well, this blog can sometimes be a bit schizoid. It has no theme ... it's principally what's in my head when I write a post. Which could get confusing if you're trying to figure out what I'd be like in the classroom.

Really, you're probably better off asking former students. Especially the one who said, on that "He's self-centered and arrogant and that's on the best of days." (I normally wouldn't suggest you use that individual as your resource, but then I write this post in the middle of marking papers, and it's at times like this that I think wistfully of low enrolments).

So here's the breakdown: in no particular order, posts that feature:

Me being pretentious 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Narcissism 1 2 3
Humour 1 2 3 4 5
My cat 1 2 3
My niece 1 2 3 4
Controversy 1 2 3 4
Food 1 2 3
My impressions of Newfoundland 1 2 3 4 5
Other students' impressions of me 1

I hope that helps. I also had a category for "excessive verbiage," but really that's almost as plentiful as the pretentiousness ... and, oddly enough, has a lot of overlap.


Anonymous said...

*i'd* take a course with you.
there's a plug for you--ha: no low enrolments for you, sir!
wait. i AM taking a course with you.
well, auditing, anyway.
happy marking! ;)


Anonymous said...

ps. maybe you can teach me how to spell "enrollment" :P

Andrea Leathley said...

So, I've been linking your blog on my blog ever since "other" Andrea told me about it. I have decided to stop being a voyeur and say: you bought pants instead of going to Buffy night? For shame! If anything, THAT makes me NOT want to take your class! Ironically, I actually can't take your class...but I do want to mostly because the talk at the Ship was really good, but then again class wouldn't be in a pub...and I base my class-choices on access to alcoholic drinks. (That was an amazing run-on sentence...)

Annie said...

Uh oh, two Andreas at once!

I think your class should be held in a pub. It's been suggested! Make it so!

Chris in NF said...

OK, let's clarify something: I did *not* skip a Buffy night in order to buy pants (in fact, let's be clear on the fact that my shopping expedition was OVER when I ran into you guys on your way INTO dinner) ... I was in fact skipping a session at the gym in order to buy a much-needed new pair of jeans b/c it was, reasonably speaking, the only time I was going to have this weekend to do so. I then went home (well, with a detour to Chapters) and spent the evening grading papers. My only solace was pizza and wine.

OK, wow ... when you think sbout it, this would be th wort friday night ever if it didn't resemble most of my fridays.

Be an Englisg prof, kids! Excitement galore!

OK. Chris go to bed now.

Chris in NF said...

And ignore my typos. Honestly, they have nothing to do with the aforementioned wine.

Annie said...


I am amused.

Skipping time at the Aquarena for any reason = yay! Skipping Buffy night, on the other hand, for any reason = criminal!

Pizza and wine = good solace, at least.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I do not think that we've ever had this at MUN. Prof explaining his private life to students, without proofreading his comments! Shame on you DR. Lockett! hehehehehhe Had a chuckle!