Sunday, August 27, 2006

How I spent my Sunday, written entirely in RAF banter

What-ho, squiffies! Went low-bally with a cuppa till sausage-hour made grumblies, then tripped some slabs of white and yellow and rattled to the cage for a bit of waspy. Pranged at the how's-your-uncle for an egg or two, then feathered on to the blighter's jerry-scratch for a turn (not so Sir Neville, this one), which ate my tea and left the ape and elephant sitting dickied until tomorrow's crack. Something kited eh, what-what? Dropped the cabbages in the bin and flipped over on my Olivers back down to the battleship for the gravy. Not Betty Grable, but kind of argyle, what?


Jer said...

Absolutely no comment.

Lesley said...

Boy, whatever it was you were drinking...(or smoking)...must have been good!

Helmut said...