Thursday, March 30, 2006

Things that were never a factor in Ontario

From one of the several new posts we receive over email every day here at MUN:

"Campus Enforcement and Patrol has discovered a large piece of whale vertebrae in a snow bank adjacent to the Arts and Administration Building. Anyone missing this piece is asked to contact CEP."

Yes. I read that twice before it registered. A large piece of whale vertebrae.

No wonder whales are facing extinction. What kind of hope does a species have when it gets drunk, wanders inland, and leaves significant portions of its bone structure in snowbanks?

At least they don't get rowdy and pick fights. That would have to be one big-ass paddy-wagon.


FanglyFish said...

I actually laughed out loud. That is awesome....

clarence-jer said...

It might not have just lurched over to MUN while under the influence, though. It might have been hired to shovel the snow and really put its back into it. Or maybe it got lost on its way to the Whale Weigh Station (sorry, it's late...)