Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Command Module, or My Niece the Cyborg

Some assembly required.

"Ah, at last -- my cybernetic augmentations!"

"The firing system for the lasers must be somewhere here ... "

"Ahh! Dad, no! I haven't finished merging with the machine yet!"

"That's better. Now, to world domination and beyond!"


airfair crew said...

The lovely little "cyborg" blasted off sometime around 1930 hours!!!!

Lesley said...

Heh. That's cute. What is it about all those toys strapped to one big plastic seat? My niece had the car one from Zellers that bounced. And man did she love that sucker.

When they send the photos of her falling asleep in it, make sure you are not drinking anything, because the laughter that will ensue from that photo, will short circuit your laptop.

mr. tomas ubik said...

hahah....adults should have a variation....oh wait they do...have you seen the new motorolas?

Saul Goldblatt said...

whoa, you look totally different than how i remember you. The green sweater looks great though.
Hello? Is this thing on?