Wednesday, November 16, 2005

For the want of a camera

I really have to learn to always have my camera at hand ... perhaps the most startling thing about St. John's is the number of times I'm suddenly treated to a spectacular landscape -- one I'm intimately familiar with, yet which is radically transformed by the light, the clouds, the weather. This morning and yesterday morning I crested the hill that looks down over the MUN campus: a pretty cool view anyway, framed as the campus is by a high ridge covered in coniferous trees behind it. Yesterday there was a brilliant sunrise at my back and black clouds in front of me that looked like they were hovering just mere feet over the ridge, and thrown into stark, inky relief by the blazing sunlight ... or as my late Grandmother Jean once famously said, "it's darker because of the light."

This morning I noticed that the sunrise was coming marginally later, not boding well for the time soon when my days will be going from darkness to darkness between going to work and coming home. The sun had not yet crested Signal Hill as I left, but by the time I was again looking down at campus it was perfectly horizontal, just above the horizon, and setting all the windows on campus ablaze with light.

Two pretty spectacular pics I now wish I'd been able to take.

On the other hand, there are some notable photo ops that occur on a regular basis simply around my apartment. My dryer had recently gone on the fritz; I was without it for about a week. Upon its repair, I was apparently not the only one excited by this:

"Ah yes. I remember this place."

"Yes, this will do nicely. Can we perhaps get some warm linens in here?"

"Lovely. Now, begone and be sure to fill my food bowl, boy."


Lesley said...

I completely understand the need to have your camera at hand all the time. Especially as a scrapbooker. It's an illness really, this desire to take pictures all the time. They never should have invented digital cameras, because those of us who take picture after picture after picture are shorting Kodak on their billions by having the ability to DELETE the bad ones.

I'll have to start taking photos of my aunts cat. Because I think her antics rival those of Clarence. Last night she fell asleep half on and half off my leg. The night before, sat with her face in my aunt's because she was eating an oatmeal cookie and Jesse wanted one. And to get in the door? She stands on her hind legs and rubs the window and dances.

This is normal? Who knew!

Loz said...

how cute are you clarence? just as long as you're not in there when it's running, i'm a happy auntie.

Anonymous said...

Hello to my wee namesake - great blog! Must go - sleep - at computer all day - bum hurts.

Clarence (Jer) said...

That "anonymous" was supposed to be Clarence (JW). Only me.

jo said...

"Where art thou, keeper? Give me a cup of wine" (Richard III, 1.4.167 Paul Werstine's lovely Folger edition).

Clarence (Jer) said...

= I've passed a miserable night, me, so put the @#$%&* kettle on.

mr. tomas ubik said...

long time no got ya down?