Sunday, November 27, 2005

Oh where the time goes

First off, to answer Eano's query: the weather in St. John's has been consistently kicking the ass of the weather in London. We've been averaging about 10+ degrees, more or less alternating between gray & wet and bright-autumn-crisp. Gotta love that Gulf Stream.

So no, the weather hasn't gotten me down. The main reason my blog has gone un-updated till now is sheer busy-ness, mostly to do with my needing to clear my desk before this past weekend, which I spent in Montreal.

Ah, Montreal ... how I do love that city. Especially when I can sit with Kristen at a cafe window overlooking a snowy street with a ridiculously expensive latte. Good times.

This is not to say that I didn't have anything to blog about. Many possible topics surfaced in my mind, but I was generally too exhausted in the evenings for the past two weeks to do much more than meld with my couch. So, in no particular order, the blogs that weren't:

The homoeroticism of the movie Jarhead (apparently marines in the desert really like to take off their clothes).

My new love for John Irving, having just finished reading The World According to Garp--not as good as Owen Meany, but still a very entertaining novel.

Exactly why I loathe the thought of seeing the new Pride and Prejudice based on its trailers (hint: Mr. Darcy does not brood, he glowers). This may still be a post one day, though.

Reasons to look forward to a trip to Montreal (this would probably have made it to print, but Kristen forbade me to post a picture of her).

The disturbing new trend on some blogs I've encountered to post countdowns to Emma Watson's (aka Hermione Granger's) eighteenth birthday.

These among others. You get the idea.


Paige said...

Even better than the Emma Watson countdowns are the Daniel Radcliff ones. Not that I frequent them or anything...

mr. tomas ubik said...

how bout the countdown until radcliff takes his shirt off in the desert.

now thats a whole new world of blogtopic

Lesley said...

You people are gross. They're CHILDREN! Although...NO, NO! It's wrong! All of it!

good to see you have resurfaced. Isn't there anything else exciting going on in Newfoundland lately? Ya, here too.

alex said...

i agree with the whole pride and prejudice thing to a certain extent..

but more so because
1) i have a newfound hate for keira knightley (she's beginning to play the same lame damsel-in-distress characters in every movie, no?)

and 2) and MORE IMPORTANTLY, no one can replace the dreamy colin firth as mr. darcy, mostly because he epitomizes (and is) mr. darcy - i mean he even did mark darcy for bridget jones, c'monnn - so if they are going to replace him, why use some lame no-name not-even-dreamy actor? psssssht.

won't be seeing that one!