Thursday, December 21, 2006

Storming the consumerist citadel

So today I ventured out into the raging torrents of humanity to do my last-minute Christmas shopping. Except that it was also my first-minute Christmas shopping. How is it that I always manage to do this to myself?

Except that today I think I have to go ahead and crown myself king of efficient shoppers: everything taken care of in the space of a single day. Not that I have a vast number of people to shop for, mind you, but still enough to make compressing all of it into one day more than a little nerve-wracking. Which made the efficiency and ease of today's shopping a little eerie ... I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Now I'm getting nervous that I've made awful choices.

I went out to do the last few items this evening, which was oddly pleasant. Odd, because of course I was in the midst of the last frenzied rush of people who, like me, had left things right to the end but lacked my apparently zen-like calm in the midst of chaos. But I rather enjoyed wandering around the mall this evening looking at the faces alternating between crazed panic and shellshocked consumerism-induced torpor.


Anonymous said...

and the funny thing is, it doesn't matter how big or small the community. i'm home in stephenville (pop. 8000), and ventured to the mall to pick up a few things, and saw the same panicked crowds. now, number-wise, it's certainly less, but it's a question of scale, see: smaller mall + crowd of people = same chaos in an itty bitty space :) have a good christmas!

Lesley said...

The best thing to do, at least I've found, is to make a list. And yes, I do realize that the whole "making a list and checking it twice" comes into play there...but really, the list works, then you go right into the store, right to the section, and right to the cash register.