Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ten things that are less enjoyable than grading papers

1. Being lost in a mall at Christmas while the muzak has "My Heart Will Go On" stuck on repeat.

2. Listening to a morning drive-time DJ sing topical parodies of "Achy-Breaky Heart."

3. The coffee from the Science Building cafe I am currently drinking.

4. Being lectured for a half hour by marketing types about "brand loyalty."

5. Nickelback.

6. Watching Bill O'Reilly win an argument with someone (doesn't happen often).

7. Reading German philosophy.

8. Bathing my eyes in a solution of Ajax and pork drippings (though this one is really sort of borderline)

9. Writing a blog entry as a means a avoiding grading papers and realizing you've almost reached the end of your proscribed list.

10. Grading exams.


another Ontarian on the Rock said...

I didn't think the coffee in the science building was that bad... However this could be a reflection that my tastes are changing in direct proportion to the amount of time that I spend here in NL.

I needed a plough to get out of my driveway today. It is only December!

Loved the clip about NL premier and the bomb!

Anonymous said...

the campus at concordia, loyola, has only one brand of coffee. it doesnt matter which building or caf. you go to, and it is awful. its like being trapped on an island with lots of fruit, but which all have worms in them, or have gone rotten. AND, there isn't even any other coffee shops nearby (although a second cup, which will be my saving grace is under construction).

nevertheless, i like how your inclusion of nickleback isn't just "listening to nickleback" or "watching nickleback" but instead, everything associated with them!

Chris in NF said...

The only time I've ever had a burst of spontaneous applause while teaching (as opposed to when I sort of primed the room, like when I anounced the successful completion of my PhD) was in Pop Culture when I dissed Nickelback. 250 students, all at once, all applauding vigorously.

Which leads me to ask: who actually buys these clowns' albums?

Lesley said...

I download them....because I like them. You crazy academic type! :)

airfair crew said...

I agree with Lesley!!!!!!

queen B said...

Nickelback. Haaaaaaate.

But over my sushi lunch today, the muzak system was playing a U2 mix. Not just one song. A mix.

THAT was depressing.

Let the Muzak people have Celine. And Nickelback, for that matter.