Sunday, September 11, 2005

Freedom has a scent, like the top of a newborn baby's head ...

So my TO weekend serendipitously intersected with a shower for my niece Morgan, thrown by my cousin Jeff and his wife Christine. An afternoon of playing pass-the-baby? Delightful ... and I have a memory stick full of images now. Huzzah!

The proud grandfather, my dad.

Trying to provoke a reaction.

Who is this crazy idiot?

Asleep on Grandma's shoulder, stage one.

Stage two.

The proud Papa.


mr. tomas ubik said...

what is the white bracelet for?

i currently rawk a green one for sudan and an orange one spouting the line

"never alone"

as a fundraiser for teen suicide aid.

ain't help fads really , im a big fan of the message bracelets.

i posted about them months ago. hunt and you shall find...but if you do you must be bored as hell.

Chris in NF said...

The bracelet is the "make poverty history" one. When my parents were in Scotland this summer they bought a bunch of them.

I like it because it makes my arm look more tanned than it is.