Friday, September 30, 2005

The cat came back: part three, or Clarence's Big Hallway Adventure

Really, it was only a matter of time.

This morning I stepped out of the apartment, remembered I needed something else, stepped back in, and went into my office. I heard the door creak and dashed back out into the hallway to be treated to the following image:

His escape made, he proved very reluctant to be brought back into the apartment. And believe me, my cat can be slippery when he wants to. I was doing very well time-wise this morning, ready to go at 8:15 ... only to spend fifteen minutes chasing Clarence up and down the hallway as he explored and sniffed at every other door but mine.

And then when I got home this evening, there he was -- out the door like a shot. Having had one taste of freedom, dammit if he wasn't going to go again (it was this evening, incidentally, that these pictures were taken -- while tempted this morning, I did not in fact prolong the experience by playing wildlife photographer). He seemed less enthused the second time however. I guess the novelty of my building's hallway wears off pretty quickly.

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alex said...


see, cats totally do this to prove that they are indeed smarter than us. it's like they are somehow satisfied with seeing us chase them around like idiots.

almost as if.. he'll stop if you stop paying attention. clever, i know.