Saturday, September 24, 2005

The parents have landed!!

Yup, the 'rents are visiting for the weekend, which is a prospect I know for many people would inspire dread and despair, but not me. I have the best parents in the world, and I'll put mine against anyone else's in a parents-off anytime, anywhere.

Of course, the whole good-relationship-with-the-parents thing, coupled with the concomitant happy childhood, means I'll never be a poet or novelist of any note ... not having had any family trauma or fucked-up growing up phase, what would I have to write about? But then, that's a small price to pay. Of course, I am a little bitter about that inability to become a novelist ... hmmm ...

We did the rounds today of St. John's, starting with the Signal Hill and environs hike (at the points where the stairs were particularly brutal, Mom accused me of trying to get my inheritance early), then had lunch at Nautical Nellies and wandered around dowtown for a bit ... and then made our way out the big boxville where they treated me to my apartment-warming gift of a new couch. It arrives on Tuesday -- it's blue and it's sectional!!! My apartment will finally be made whole. Look for pics here on tuesday night. Also, it has a sofa bed, so I'll be set for visitors. Seriously. I look forward to visitors.

Then we rounded it out with dinner at the Fairmont Hotel, where they're staying. I have to say: for those who might think St. John's a parochial backwater with no culture to speak of, come and eat at this restaurant. It easily ranks in the top five meals I've ever had -- and that's saying something. I had one of the best Caesar salads I've ever had to start, and then an entree of caribou and scallops. I'm still feeling the glow from that dinner.

A fabulous day. And one more to enjoy tomorrow ...

And Percy the Puffin's relatives living on Signal Hill wanted me to say hello ...


Femme d'ailleurs said...

Visitors?? I'm coming! After all I only live around the corner ;)
About the food -- when I came here for the very first time I was very disappointed, still am for that matter, but now I can deal with it a little bit better. An example: I can't eat the mushy bread they eat here, but I guess that applies to all of the Anglophone North America.

Can't wait to see your new couch/sofa :)


Lesley said...

Trust me, having dysfunctional parents (therefore a dysfunctional childhood and family dynamic) doesn't make it any easier to write a novel. Or get published. But if you're going to be a novelist, I could feed you stories to make it SEEM like you had a dysfunctional childhood. Just make sure you make the royalty cheque out to me.