Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A puffin always arrives at its destination

This is Percy the Puffin -- my niece Morgan's newest friend. Percy was found in a souveneir shop on Water Street, and he says it's been his life's dream to go be friends with a baby girl in Ontario. How convenient is that?

He's also living (well, stuffed) proof that sometimes Canada Post gets things spectacularly right -- he was only mailed this past Monday, and apparently he arrived the next day.

But of course we didn't want to send him off without showing him some of his native province ... so he came out to Cape Spear and to Signal Hill, and also just spent some time chilling beside Quidi Vidi Lake.

I think it's always important to get pictures of stuffed puffins in their natural habitat.


FanglyFish said...

Percy Update #1

08.10.2005: Our house has now been secured by said Puffin. He has nested in Morgan's room and is prepared to attack all unwelcome visitors. Please proceed with caution. Pictures to follow.

syl said...

that's the cutest thing i've ever seen.