Monday, August 22, 2005

Another day, another doctor

This entry is dedicated to my friend Amy, who today defends her PhD thesis in history at Western. Amy and I did our undergrads together at York, and so both suffered through its incredibly ugly giant concrete buildings and 70s-era decor (orange furniture galore). I remember talking to Amy when she first got accepted at Western (I'd been there a year at that point), when she was delighted to be attending a university that looked like a university, right down to the old-style buildings and ivy-clad walls.

Ah -- but Amy studies history. So where does that put her? In the giant concrete Social Science building with its 70s-era orange furniture. She was rather bitter.

I know things are going to go well for her today as, besides being just really smart, she also has the great good fortune -- as I did at my defense -- of having the Blackmore as her extra-departmental examiner. The Blackmore just tends to make all things better.


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amy said...

Posted at 7:53 AM? Now that's nice. Perfect for someone who has a long morning to just sort of wander around the internet because its really too late to do anything meaningful. My advisor told me yesterday to stop trying to prepare, to just go out and watch Bewitched at the Student Centre. I get his point, but I really CAN"T DO THAT
Bewitched?! Bewitched?!
its enough to seriously damage advisor credibility.