Sunday, August 07, 2005

At the edge of the world

Went to Cape Spear today, which is the easternmost point of land in North America. And given how beautiful a day it is, and that it's a Sunday, I think most of St. John's was out there with us. Sort of like a day at the beach where the beach is sheer rock being pounded by massive waves. There are signs all over the place warning you not to leave the marked path and venture too close to the water, but as you can see in my third picture, most of the locals here blithely ignore them.

I have to say, Cape Spear is a very cool place, and not just because of the scenery. There is something vaguely vertiginous about being on the very edge of your continent. A sort of geographical angst. Hey, I think I just invented a syndrome! Look out for me on Dr. Phil ....

Suddenly it seems everyone in the city is wearing tank tops and short shorts (which is not infrequently alarming) and a lot of skanky old men are walking around shirtless. It occurred to me that this must be what passes for a heat wave in Newfoundland -- it reached 25 degrees this afternoon, and if the city ever collectively managed to wear less clothes than it did today, we might be in some dangerous territory.

I took advantage of these dangerously high temperatures to go for my first substantial run since leaving London over two weeks ago. I went twice around Quidi Vidi Lake, which totals about 7 1/2 km. I was amazed that I had the wind for a run that long, considering that I've spent so much time being stationary behind the wheel of a car, eating fried food and drinking da booze. But I tells ya, clean air makes all the difference ... I think in the three weeks before I left London, there were maybe three or four days that didn't have air quality warnings.

So, keeping with this healthy turn, tonight it's fish for dinner (unbattered, even!).

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