Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday miscellany

I am eating a ridiculous amount of salad lately. I bought a massive bag of mixed greens from some famers outside the Churchill Square Dominion for $3, and am now trying to eat my way through them before they go squishy. I may be a few days away from developing a twitchy nose.

This morning, I introduced my second-year class to Lacanian theory. That was fun.

For several days running I have forgotten to take home my travel mug from my office. I am now scared to open its lid.

Keith Olbermann is my new hero.

I discovered the other day that the Left Behind series of evangelical novels, about which I have ranted previously on this blog, have now been used as the basis for a computer game -- one in which you go around trying to save people's souls for Jesus after the Rapture, while thwarting the forces of the Antichrist.

I have "Ghost Riders in the Sky" stuck in my head, which would not be particularly annoying, except for the fact that I keep hearing it as "ghost writers in disguise."

We've started doing The Sun Also Rises in my 20th-century American novel class, which means I am developing an inordinate desire for carafes of cold white wine.

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Paige said...

1. Studio 60 referenced Left Behind this week. I think it may be a mini-theme in a few episodes, actually.

2. I wish I could have studied The Sun Also Rises... (well, outside of high school study) SOOO I will have some cold white wine for you in Paris on Friday! (and sorry for the travle-brag!)