Tuesday, January 24, 2006

O brave new world, that has such weenies in't!

So I woke up this morning feeling arrogantly self-righteous, disdainful of the unemployed, and vaguely hostile toward my gay friends.

Plus, I had really bad hair.

Can't put my finger on it. Something in the air? Something in the water?


FanglyFish said...

Canada just regressed about 10 years. My theory is that the Conservatives got voted back into office due to the fact that Harris screwed the education system so badly we now have a new generation of moronic voters.... Have we forgotten the why we voted liberal last election? Did we not learn from our mistakes? Sad really….

FanglyFish said...

Customer: I say sir…. Do you have any Pickled Wieners?

Store Clerk: I am sorry we are all out. However you can you go to Ottawa to see the largest wiener in history…

amy said...

It could be worse. Someone, a little over a year ago could have offered you a university position with the catch that you have to live in Alberta. And you could be inundated this morning with very smug media people proclaiming that finally people will be forced to listen to the close-minded, bad-haired, god forbid-somebody-asks-us-to-share-our-wealth cretins.
You could live in Alberta.

Lesley said...

Yes but Amy, if he lived in Alberta, he would be making significantly more money than anyone else in the education system outside of Alberta.

Keep repeating: minority government, minority government. Otherwise, start drinking the moment you wake up, until well after you try to go to sleep.

syl said...



p.s. i re-applied to SAO! cross your fingers for me!