Friday, January 20, 2006

Life in the tunnels

Finally, after a semester and change here at MUN, I'm starting to avail myself on a regular basis of the rather intricate series of above- and below-ground tunnels that interlace the campus. They're actually rather impressive: you can pretty much get anywhere on campus without ever having to venture outside. Western could learn a thing or two, and finally develop the tunnel I always wanted there -- the one that would have gone directly from my office to the Grad Club. Alas that that was never to be, but maybe others may benefit from it in the future. Get on that, would you Davenport?

The above-ground tunnels, or "pedways," are particularly cool; made mostly of glass, they offer a great view of the campus as you make your transit, and they often cross roads and streets, so you get to look down on traffic in various crappy weather. Last week I was crossing from the track to the gym on a particularly foggy evening, which had cloaked everything in an eerie haze. It put me in the mind of atmospheric horror films; it occurred to me that you could make a pretty creepy movie about a group of people trapped on a campus by some sort of monstrous incursion (to make it a film to really freak me out, it would ideally be zombies on the outside), in which the main characters would have successfully barricaded themselves in one building, but of course have no food or supplies ... and so have to make forays out into the tunnels to see if they can make their way to the kitchens &c out at the student center.

You'd have to set it on an American campus if you wanted access to guns. Or I suppose you could have one of the forays be to the police center where they'd break into the gun locker. But I think it would be entirely more scary if the characters would only have clubs and hockey sticks.

Of course, this sort of thing has been done (Aliens or Dawn of the Dead, anyone?). Still, every time it gets dark and foggy here I imagine this will make its creepy way into my mind.


Lesley said...

I'm sure you could come up with some sort of premise that puts them a) on a Canadian campus (thereby giving the added bonus of the whole cold, snow, freezing, breath in front of your face idea), b) using only things like hockey sticks as weapons (also allowing for the whole ability to skate thing), and c) had them fighting some sort of weird alien/zombie thing that was only 'indigenous' to Canadian soil. I'm calling it a classic before it's even made...

Uh, this reminded me of the scary tunnel underneath the astronomy building on campus. Really. Have you been in there? It's about four hundred billion degrees and it's long, narrow and feels like you're going through some sort of dungeon. I always felt like I was going to have a heart attack or something (it was hot in there) halfway through and be unable to get the rest of the way out.

And I'll also note that they do need to do something about the tunnels on that campus. None of them really connect to the other. But that must speak volumes about London in general. There's no direct route from North to South just as there's no direct route from one side of campus to the other using the tunnels.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

I'd certainly watch a scary monster movie that was set in the tunnels of MUN. Great idea! I'm not sure why it hasn't been done yet... of course, our film industry is just budding so, there is hope.


alex said...

yes, i loove tunnels.

this must make the outdoor campus totally deserted too. paige told me a story about u of manitoba where in the dead of winter there was absolutely NO ONE on campus, but it was all busy and bustling underground.

we're like mole people, really.

and as far as scary movies go, give me any dark window with a goulish/menacing figure looming outside and i'm scared shitless.