Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The government endorses my laziness

I'd been feeling guilty lately about being slack in posting, but it just occurred to me today -- I have not, in fact, been delinquent in my blogging ... I just prorogued "An Ontarian in Newfoundland" back at the end of November. So not only is my absence here explainable, it's also constitutional.

Thank you, Stephen Harper, on behalf of all Canadians, for this catch-all excuse for abject laziness. Once again, your moral example is like a beacon of light unto the country. Or a beacon of something, anyway.

Now, if I can just convince Michaelle Jean to dissolve the winter semester ...

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Anonymous said...

When one moves from one Province to another, lives there for more than six months, has that Provinces license plate on their care, uses that Province"s health care, is employed and pays taxes to the Province,are they not a Newfoundlander per chance? That is what is so terribly wrong with this country called Canada, so many people take jobs where they can get them but don't want to acknowledge they are a resident. Snobbery gets one everywhere.