Saturday, April 01, 2006

On the healing power of a sunny day

I don't think I quite appreciated my vitamin D deficiency until stepping out into today's brilliant sunshine. It was so glorious, I began to suspect a divine April Fool's Day joke.

Walking from my place down to Water Street for my typical Saturday lunch at Nellie's over the G&M (and the new Harper's, which was the icing on the cake) was itself remarkably restorative. Most picturesque of all were the many rivulets of water from the runoff of melting snow, trickling in wide swathes down the hills toward the harbour -- all warmed by the sunshine on the black roads, and in contact with the brisk cool breeze emitting shallow gusts of mist so that the streets themselves looked like steaming new asphalt. It all contributed to a long-overdue euphoric sense of well-being. Life is good ... the semester winds down, and my two and a half month sojourn in Southern Ontario feels for the first time like it's in striking distance.


Anonymous said...

"We build statues out of snow, and weep to see them melt."
- Walter Scott

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Newfoundland and never once wept at the sight of melting snow. Although, I'll have to admit to leaking a few bitter tears at the sight of MORE falling snow!
I hope you don't mind me reading your blog. The title caught my eye. I was once a graduate student in English at MUN. I loved St. John's, but you'll definitely need to invest in some vitamin D pills. Good luck.