Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not dead ...

... just otherwise occupied and generally struggling with some malware that screws with Blogger and Firefox. Argh.

Also, World Cup. After England's PATHETIC showing (though better than France, which, really, is all the inner Anglo in me demands), I adopted my lovely girlfriend's Dutch heritage and started rooting for the Netherlands. I even bought an orange shirt with "NEDERLAND" on it in Gothic script.

And then ... well, everyone saw the final. <sob>.

But now I'm back, and the summer is flying by with little consideration for everything I had planned to be getting done. As my friend and guru Tigger is fond of saying, time flies like an arrow ... fruit flies like a banana.

No, I've never really understood that either.

BUT: malware or no, I will soon finish the vampire cage matches, and I have topics for many gripping blog posts queuing up. Soon to come:

  1. Angel vs. Spike! Yes, it will happen soon.
  2. I have finally been watching Big Love—finished season one, about to start season two. Some blog posts on polygamous Mormonism to come.
  3. The sequel to the long-ago post on reality TV.
  4. MAYBE a weekly, or biweekly, or monthly poetry post—picking a poem at random and picking it apart, perhaps in conjunction with my fall section of English 1080.
  5. Glenn Beck has started his own online university. Seriously.
  6. This Friday is the ten-year anniversary party for the Richard III I directed way back when. Perhaps I will post pictures.

So there you have it. More anon.


WJM said...

I knew you were undead, I just knew it.

Chris in NF said...

And here I was, thinking my craving for brains was just pre-tenure anxiety.

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