Friday, July 16, 2010

Big Love, ctd—The Alien connection

As mentioned yesterday, the evil Mormon patriarch on Big Love is played brilliantly by the incomparable Harry Dean Stanton. I looked Stanton up on to remind myself of what else he's been in, and could have kicked myself to have forgotten that he was in one of my most favouritest movies ever—Ridley Scott's tour de force Alien. He played Brett, the unfortunate technician who is the first to be killed by the fully grown alien in what remains one of the most terrifying sequences I have ever seen.
That I had forgotten Stanton's star turn as alien food is odd considering that my seamless enjoyment of Big Love is occasionally disrupted by the unbidden but rather insistent memory of Bill Paxton's role in the James Cameron sequel Aliens—a film that, Avatar be damned, remains the best thing the action-film king has ever made.

Paxton's most memorable moment in Aliens comes when his gung-ho marine suddenly freaks out and very nearly loses his mind for a few minutes ...

Whenever his all-American polygamist in Big Love is faced with a problem, part of me (a rather large part, actually) really wants him to start hysterically shouting "Game over, man!"

Now, if they can just convince Sigourney Weaver to guest star for a few episodes ...

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