Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On to the semi-finals!

With a decisive 9-2 score, Blade defeats Selene and goes on to face Eric Northman in the semi-finals ... which means we are a mere three bouts away from finding out which vampire reigns supreme.

I was wondering why the voting on the last match was so desultory, but was informed that apparently Google is giving Blogger's polling app grief ... which is odd, seeing as how Blogger is now owned and operated by Google, but then I know less than nothing about computer programs and their various neuroses.

It is a bit of a concern going into the semis however, so I will do what I can to settle this out ... and failing that, will add an extra day on the voting window in the hopes that more people can get through to vote on those occasions when Google is not being bitchy. Fingers crossed.

At any rate -- the first of the semi-final matches will go up tomorrow, and it promises to be a big one: an all-Whedon match between Angel and Spike. This promises to be interesting, so be sure to tune in!

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