Monday, May 17, 2010

Cage Match: Angel vs. Damon Salvatore

Well, based on the crushing defeat Spike handed the first-seeded vampire--with the margin of 34-3!--I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that this tournament is now his to lose. He certainly excites a lot more voting than anyone else competing so far ...

As far as that goes, I noticed something interesting in my SiteMeter stats—every time I post a Spike fight, I'm getting a lot of referrals from a web discussion group called Don't Kill Spike, whose Live Journal page reposts the fight account and links to me. So a shout-out to those lovely Spike-obsessed peoples, and thanks for coming out to see the fights! Please don't be shy about leaving comments ...

But now, on to fight number two of our quarterfinals. Angel has returned from his Mexican adventure, ready to face Damon Salvatore. Angel wins the coin toss, and, in spite of Spike's earlier comments, selects the Sunnydale cemetery for the fight's location.


Damon sits cross-legged on top of a lichen-crusted tomb, peering around into the gloom. An interesting place, he thinks. I saw at least two other vampires stalking in the shadows, and also what I could almost swear was a Lubber Demon. Haven't seen one of those in decades.


Damon leaps to his feet, startled. Angel stands behind him about ten feet away.

"Nice," Damon jumps to the ground. "It's been a long time since anyone's been able to sneak up on me."

Angel shrugs. "Welcome to Sunnydale."

"Quite the nightlife you've got here."

"Being on a Hellmouth does that."

"Might take up residence here myself."

"Well, the town comes with a resident Slayer, but hey ... knock yourself out."

Damon peers more closely at his adversary. "I've heard a lot about you."

"Really? I can't say the same about you."

Damon shrugs off the jibe. "From what I've heard, you were pretty badass back in the day. Now you're all domesticated and concerned with mortals and stuff."

Angel's expressionless face suddenly splits in a wolfish grin. "Well, I guess you're about to see just how much of a house cat I've become."

"I've already seen it," Damon snorts derisively. "My brother Stefan is just like you. Weakened and hobbled by a conscience. I can't believe—"

Angel's attack catches Damon under the chin, and the blow lifts him up in the air to land on his back on top of the tomb. He rolls off, dropping into a defensive posture. Angel stands impassively, his arms at his side, as if he had never moved.

"I thought you said you'd heard of me, Damon," he says conversationally.

Damon snarls, and launches himself forward. They trade punches and kicks, neither managing to land a blow; on his guard, Damon finds that he can match Angel's seasoned fighter's skills, but cannot break through his defense. They move in a brutal ballet through the graveyard, leaping atop tombs and mausoleums, each testing the other carefully. Damon feels his blood seethe, enjoying the exchanges of blows, not having been matched against such an adversary in years and years.

They pause several meters apart, looking at each other appraisingly. "Not bad," Angels says grudgingly. "You've got a natural speed, and your viciousness almost makes up for your lack of technique."

"I'm just getting warmed up."

"Indeed?" Angel's arm flashes forward, throwing something at Damon's face. Damon feels a thin shell crack against his cheek and a gelatinous fluid spray out over his face.

He's throwing eggs at me? he thinks, enraged at the insult but puzzled at why Angel would stoop to such tactics. He wipes the goo from his face, and is about to sneer something derisive as a reply; he notices that it is not egg yolk on his hand at about the same time as he feels his knees buckle and the energy leave his body. He falls to the ground.

"This is—"

"Concentrated vervain extract? Right first try." Angel kicks the stricken Damon over on his back. "See, when I said I'd never heard of you, that wasn't entirely true. I have a pretty accomplished research team, and we were able to find out some fun things about you." From beneath a nearby tree, Angel retrieves the sword he'd hidden. "I'm sorry you'll never find your Katherine, friend. I mean that."

And he brings the sword down.

Projected Winner: ANGEL


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

I'm loving these match-ups, and you're write-ups are fantastic.

Thanks so much for starting this. :)

Gill said...

Can't beat a Whedon vampire. At least, if you do, he'll come back and eat you. Unless you're a Slayer, in which case he'll do that and a whole lot else with you!

Anonymous said...

Ofcourse Damon would be much faster then this, and the eggs wouldn't even hit him.

Which seems pretty realistic, as Angel got beaten by Damon in EW's.

Anonymous said...

There's no way Damon's that laim and stupid. Damon has way better comebacks and angel wouldn't know what hit him if he met Damon Slvatore. And honestly that "CAGE MATCH" was just sad u can to so damn easily that u favoured Angel. If ur gonna to another cage match at least make it a little bit entertaining and try and make it a little less obvious when choseing sides, and not chose straigt at the begining!

Janine said...
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Abby said...

There's no way Damon's that laim and stupid. Damon has way better comebacks and is way faster. angel wouldn't know what hit him if he met Damon Salvatore. And honestly that "CAGE MATCH" was just sad u can tell so damn easily that u favoured Angel. If ur gonna do another cage match at least make it a little bit entertaining and try and make it a lot less obvious when choosing sides, and not chose straight at the begining! If you need a character as bad as angel get him to VS the sparkling fairy edward. BTW an egg with vervain inside - pethetic.

Anonymous said...

Alrite people who says Damon is not that stupid n comes back with better comeback I'll give it to u he does come back good but angel always has the last punch no matter how bad or good of a fighter damon is angel always wins his battles he's strong quick n very smart even though he might start off losing no matter what he ends up winning n kicking ass n getting the last laugh but love how u tell its just like them to do n say what u put :)

Misha said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Isn't Damon older, and stronger, as he doesn't have a consicence and as had been living on blood for years and years? Though I loved Angel back in the day, he's more of a Stefan. Damon and Spike can have fight of words, don't want either of them harmed :-), esp not Damon! Thank you for the entertainment and the Buffy/Angel memories :-)

Anonymous said...

Angel's from the 1700's and he spent a century in a hell dimension so he's effectively about 300 or so.

Anonymous said...

And the fight that just happened was Angel if it were Angelus it would be a slaughter

Anonymous said...

This is a fight about Angel if it were Angelus it would be a slaughter.