Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy birthday Miss Morgan!

The end of July has three anniversaries of significance for me: the births of my beloved niece and nephew, and my move out to Newfoundland. That was four years ago, which to me seems at the very bizarre, if not unbelievable. That also, incidentally, means that this blog is celebrating its fourth birthday, as I started it as a means of keeping friends and family updated on my comings, goings, thoughts, and maunderings.

And one of the very first posts -- and the first of any import -- was four years ago today to announce the even more unbelievable fact that my younger brother Matthew had reproduced and helped bring a beautiful baby girl into the world.

As much as I love my life here in St. John's, as much as I have grown comfortably into it, it is a hard thing to know that I am mostly not around to see my niece Morgan, and her brother Zach who followed her two years later, growing up. The frequent pictures Matt and Michelle post to Facebook at least allow a sense of continuit -- I get to see them getting older -- but it's no substitute for being there.

So happy birthday Morgan -- your Uncle Chris sends you the best wishes on this day and all his love, and wishes he could be there to watch you run Grandpa ragged with your incredibly complexly imagined games (I once stood in for Grandpa while he cooked dinner ... alas, Miss Morgan made it quite clear that I was but a poor substitute).

For those who have followed this blog, let me tell you that Morgan is an incredibly smart and articulate four-year-old, with a mind and a perspective that never fails to startle. If you want a good snapshot, this is one of the best:

If you think she looks like a pint-sized Cecil B. DeMille giving direction, you're not alone. Here she gives her grandfather very specific instructions about what he is to do while she goes and takes care of something.

That's Morgan in a nutshell. She has very clear ideas of how the world should work.

And to recap the last four years:


ex-airfair crew said...

Beautifully said!

Anonymous said...

Morgan loved the post! Thanks Uncle Chris.

Lesley said...

They're both so cute. Being an uncle (or aunt) is the best thing in the world and I totally feel your pain at being away (although I'm only two hours away...) as they seem to do so many wonderful things that you miss out on. However, as someone who had aunts far away as a child, I can assure you, they'll remember how amazing it was to spend time with you when they grow up. Cold comfort, I know, but it's what gets me through the time I'm away from my two wonderful nieces. It's been four years for me too and every time I leave seems to be harder than the last. Cannot wait until I am back in the area and close enough to squeeze them on a more regular basis.

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