Monday, July 25, 2005

The New Arrival

I'm an uncle!

This morning at 9:06 my niece Morgan Emily Jean Lockett came into the world, weighing in at eight pounds one ounce. I just got back from visiting at the hospital, where my brother Matt is looking proud, dazed and terrified, and my sister-in-law Michelle is still rather groggy from the general anesthetic administered for her C-section.

Isn't she simply beautiful??? I saw her and promptly started leaking through the eyes ... the first baby of the next generation in the Lockett clan. I'm getting misty again just looking at her picture ....

And totally my brother's baby -- never mind that the C-section was necessary because she was determined to come into the world arse-first, but she managed to keep kicking off the heart-rate monitor while she was still minutes out of the womb, which meant my poor brother kept seeing the machine flatline. When I saw her she was fast asleep as you see here ... I'm going back up this evening, when she'll hopefully be awake a little. So tune in again for new pictures soon!

So yes, for those wondering, the road trip out to the Rock was put off a day in order to meet my brand-new niece -- a delay that was infinitely worth it (I mean, just look at the perfect little face). Otherwise, I'd likely not see her till Xmas ...

In other news, the blog is starting to get a little more sophisticated. I spent this anxious morning waiting for news of the birth fiddling with all the settings -- though the other blogs I've linked to put this one to shame.

OK, I'm going to go have a beer and freak out over the fact that I'm an uncle for a while. More later.


syl said...

awww, Congratulations Uncle Lockett!! She's a beauty!!

Femme d'ailleurs said...

"arse-first"?? Wow, I have never heard it said quite this way. LOL