Friday, July 22, 2005

OK, so one post before I leave ...

I'm just sitting here in my UWO office in preparation of packing up my last few things, i.e. my computer. In a few minutes I'm going to go fetch my car, disassemble the computer and cram it into the trunk, where it will sit for the next week as we drive out to the Rock. The finality of it is a bit sad -- after I do that I have to walk around campus returning my keys, my parking disc, essentially uprooting myself from this campus home for good. After eight years it feels very odd.

The good news is, I get a deposit back on all those things I'm going to return, so I'll at least have some $$$ in my pocket this afternoon at the Grad Club. Ah, the simplicity of the things that make me happy ...

A lot of people have already said the're going to be there, and a number of others have sent apologies for having to miss it .... which is a bit funny, considering the suggestion was offhand at best. But it will be nice to see some people just before I leave.

For those I won't be able to see, thank you -- thank you for an extraordinary eight years. To paraphrase Yeats, if you want the measure of a person, look at who his friends are. A thought that makes me feel special indeed.

Ah, screw it -- here's the quote (why stop being pretentious now?):

"Think where man's glory first begins and ends;
And say my glory was I has such friends."

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syl said...

Even though I never had the pleasure of taking your class, it was great working with you! Have a safe trip to NF. Hope to hear from you soon!