Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sometimes, it really is just magical

One of the things I’ve really come to love about living in St. John’s is the way this city, and in particular the landscape, finds new ways to stop me in my tracks with an unexpected vista. It happens fairly frequently: I’ll be driving, lost in my thoughts, and turn a corner to see that the sun, the snow, the fog, the rain, the sea, or whatever combination of elements are tag-teaming it that day, have transformed the landscape into something approaching the sublime.

This weekend it has been the fog—thick, living fog that has settled on Signal Hill and the Narrows and which sends twisting shreds on the wind up the length of the harbour. I spent yesterday afternoon reading at Atlantic Place, looking out through its huge harbourside windows at this amorphous, shifting wall of white rolling up and down Signal Hill. I kicked myself for not having my camera on me, but my mother—who daily checks St. John’s weathercams and is more conversant in the local weather than I am—sent me the above image, and I thought I’d share it with all you.

The half-dozen or so of you who still check up on this humble blog in the hopes I might overcome my laziness and start posting again, anyway. Sorry about that. I let these long patches without posting pass, and in the last two months I’ve given thought to discontinuing it, especially considering that it’s my browser homepage and so every time I fire up the internets I’m reminded of my laziness of late.

I’ve decided to keep on, however, even though I probably have a rather tiny readership at this point. I would miss the blog .... and besides which, I use it as my portal for the sites I read on a regular basis.

So I’ll be back, and I’ll try not to let so much time lapse again.

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Andrew said...

well it's not as if we're checking on your page everyday and then when no update is to be found we raise our fists and scream "LOCKETT!" into the heavens. rather, we, or the tech-savvy of us at least, have your blog in our rss reader (google reader is pretty bad ass if you aren't using one) and every so often we get a nice surprise. update or not, as you will.