Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The new digs

So once again, I'm a bad blogger. I'll do my best to post a new Top Five Tuesday next week, but if I fail again, it might be time to put that particular idea out to pasture.

I should probably post today however, if for no other reason than that I'm heading to Kingston tomorrow for a conference (thus maintaining my streak of attending conferences in exotic locales) for four days, and am uncertain of what my internet access with be like. Hopefully there will be wireless in my hotel room. Should that prove amenable, I may even post pics from the conference! Because I know that all you papparazzi followers simply LIVE for pictures from academic conferences on American exceptionalism ...

In other news however, I can finally post pictures of my new office, in all its resplendent colourful glory:

No, your eyes do not deceive you -- that is in fact colour you see on the walls of a university office. I'm still not entirely sure how I managed to finagle that, but I sure ain't complaining. I've been dying to have an office with genuine colour forever.

There's the added bonus that it's almost twice as big as my old one. Seriously. When it was still empty, I felt as though I could play raquetball in here. Maybe I still will ...

At any rate, I do have a fairly steady stream of people who stop and poke their heads in in astonishment at the green -- and I encourage them in no uncertain terms to demand colour on the walls of their offices. I hope to be in the vanguard of a revolution.

It still needs some decorating, but then I'm not in a rush ... I imagine I'll be in this office for a good while, so I figure I'll take my time and do it well. One investment I'm definitely making is a floor lamp or two, and a nice desk lamp ... at which point I'll be able to turn off the flourescent lights forever.


muney said...

Very nice. Good choice of color. All that's missing is a funky carpet to accent the walls.

amy said...

Ooh nice. Colour. Non-flourescent lights. Furniture made of wood. Bet you have a view of something too.
(musing on life's architectural unfairness)

lambda said...

Is that a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon poster I see?

Wacky. Nice walls.