Friday, October 13, 2006

Done done done done

Well, today has felt like the final episode in a season of 24. True to form, my SSHRC application came right down to the wire, and I found myself running hither and yon getting all the signatures I need so that I could get it to the office of research in time for them to include in their mass shipment to Ottawa. Had I missed that, I'd be couriering it myself to get it to its destination by the end of business Monday.

To compound things, I have moved into my new office, which has not had (1) internet, (2) a working phone, and (3) a printer that doesn't leave huge blotches in the middle of the page.

(this last one isn't the fault of the office, but a printer cartridge I need to replace).

Given that part of the SSHRC application has to be completed online, and I'm probably not impressing anyone with a blotchy application, so I spent the better part of today working out of friends' offices.

Of course, now that the application is done and submitted (yes, let's say that louder, it's DONE and SUBMITTED, the beast is DEAD! Hail to the King, baby ...), my internet connection has decided to work. I feel as though I am the victim of a massive conspiracy of technological objects.

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Lesley said...

Isn't that like Murphy's Law or something. Everything that can go wrong--WILL! Nice to hear it's done. And perfect timing for the weekend too!