Saturday, July 15, 2006

Morgan update

Last weekend I was in Toronto, and of course went to see my beautiful niece Morgan -- right now, just a week and a bit shy of her first birthday.

One year old! She has her party next saturday, the day before Kristen and I start driving out to NF -- continuing the tradition, then, started last summer when we began our trek to the east coast the day after Morgan was born.

My blog, not coincidentally, is also approaching its first birthday, and one of my first posts featured this picture of the slumbering infant:

And here she is last weekend. A lot happens in a year, eh?

Talk about your chickens coming home to roost -- when my brother Matt was a little kid, he was a determined tow-headed imp with the kind of boundless energy that inspires parents, babysitters, preschool teachers, etc. to sit down and weep in exasperation and exhaustion. Well, you should see this little girl motor! I wished I'd had a radar gun ... when she spies an open baby-gate, there's no stopping her. And she often wears an expression of determination and concentration that makes one woder exactly what she's plotting ....

Daddy's blackberry is a favourite toy.

That look of diabolical determination I was talking about:


alex said...

awwwwe, cuuuuute !

airfair crew said...

Diabolocal is saying, "Hmmmm! It appears that the baby gate has been left ajar.........!!!!"

airfair cew said...

Better yet:
Diabolical is saying," Hmmmm! the baby gate is ajar; the car keys, beside the door and the blackberry under my arm! Now to make my escape!!!"