Friday, February 10, 2006

Running music redux

Back in September, I posted about my favourite music to run to ... Lately I've been playing with iTunes and downloading some new music and tweaking my playlists. And while the original list still stands, I have some additions.

Actually, this was largely inspired one of of the comments left by former student Brian -- who commented that his favourite running song was "Kickstart My Heart" by Motley Crue ... and what do you know? I downloaded it from iTunes two weeks ago and damn me if it isn't something to put some spring back in the step halfway into the run. Thanks for that, Brian dude.

And the rest of the new additions?

Beastie Boys -- No Sleep Till Brooklyn
Joan Jett -- Let's Do It (from the Tank Girl soundtrack)
Wise Up, Sucker -- Pop Will Eat Itself
Wake Up -- Arcade Fire
Two Tribes -- Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Saturday Night -- Bay City Rollers

OK, was that snickers I heard in the back there at the last entry?? Don't be dissing the Rollers, baby. First, the song has the perfect cadence for running. Second, it gives me fond memories of So I Married an Axe Murderer. Third, it give me fond memories of my brother's wedding reception, when The Laura requested it in honour of my father, who was wearing his dress kilt for the occasion.

You know, I really must post pictures some time of my dad in his kilt.


Lesley said...

S-A-TUR-DAY-NIGHT! Gonna keep on dancing 'til the night is through, on Saturday night, Saturday night....well crap, now I have that song in MY head! Thanks. A LOT!

I am going to venture over to iTunes today. I want to download James Blunts "You're Beautiful" because of that damn ABC Home Makeover commercial. And also becasue I'm a big sappy stupid girl.

jo said...

The Bay City Rollers were geniuses! Here are some more running songs (if you can run in all that snow--shovelling songs?):

Tragically Hip -- Little Bones
Rolling Stones -- Start Me Up
AC/DC -- You Shook Me All Night Long (or Thunderstruck, but since it's Stephen Harper's favourite song, you might not want that one)
Stevie Wonder -- Higher Ground (or the Chili Peppers' cover of it)
Bananarama -- Venus (no, really)
M.A.R.R.S. -- Pump Up the Volume (I know, it was in American Psycho, but still)

Melissa said...

OK, you absolutely need to download Jeff Buckley "Halleluia" (sp?).....Its very mellow, very haunting and will change your day!

Anonymous said...

Love the suggestions for running music! I usually stick to some latin stuff. Let's see if I get some new inspiration from it!