Friday, February 03, 2006

After the flood, all of the colours came out

This picture doesn't quite feel like it does justice to the task of digging my car out yesterday, during which I was quite seriously thinking to myself, "I don't need my car -- I can just wait until spring."

What is perhaps most aggravating however is the fact that I seem to be the only car (besides the poor guy in the spot next to me) with quite this level of snow to deal with -- all the cars on the north side of my lot are far less buried. I'm guessing being in the lee of the building is my problem here. Damn you, snow fence effect! Damn you to hell!


Anyway, as promised, a few pics in the post-blizzard St. John's -- which, given my porous memory (i.e. I forgot to take the camera with me downtown yesterday), are all from my drive up to campus today.

Also, a picture of one of the many tunnels running underneath MUN campus. Now, seriously, tell me: wouldn't this be such a cool setting for a horror film? I'll have to get some pics soon of one of the pedways on a foggy evening for full effect ...

Plus, interesting thing I noticed today: when I use the tunnels to get from the parking lot to my office, I have to go through the music building. Immediately inside the main door to the music building are a series of portraits of former deans of music. And guess what? Jesus Christ was Dean of Music here! Seriously, check it out:

You know, that's what I love about the guy. Most people, in his position, would use that family connection to score themselves some distinguished chair of something or other at Princeton or Cambridge, where they would be paid more money than Dad to teach one half grad course every three years. But not the Man -- no, he works honestly. WWJD? He'd work at MUN, baby.


iceman said...

An apartment or house with NO OFF STREET PARKING! What a concept.

airfair crew said...

Forget Ontario green! Our complacency regarding this winter is about to be shattered over the next two days. It is now our turn. Ugh!!!

Lesley said...

Oy, that looks like fun! Except maybe not. Doesn't Rick Mercer come around and shovel??? That tunnel is way creepy too. Imagine what it would be like if the lights were out and you had to go through with a flashlight trying to get away from the crazed murderer touting a hockey stick as his/her weapon!!!

Femme d'ailleurs said...

Lesley, yes, the lights go out sometimes. Like, when there is a power outage. I've been in a situation like that, there was no murderer of course, but still, it felt pretty creepy and I couldn't wait until I got to the end of the tunnel ;)

Anonymous said...

That entry was truly hilarious.