Saturday, February 11, 2006

Again with the snow ...

Yesterday evening was fun. And by "fun" I mean, well, actually the opposite. Anti-fun. Not as bad a root canal ... well, really nowhere close to root canal, given that I didn't actually suffer any pain, but still kind of annoying. Laced with moments of terror. OK, not so much terror as overweening impatience with the weather.

You get the idea.

It was a repeat of last week's snow day, except that this time it really looked like I might not make it up the hill on the way home. There were a number of tense moments sitting with my foot on the gas while my car, rather than moving forward, sort of meandered vaguely sideways. I had no traction. None. I was reduced to trying to match up my tired with the tracks left by the car ahead of me (which was in similar straits) in the hopes that the spinning of his wheels had excavated some pavement on which my tires might find some purchase. Ack.

The hill on the way home wasn't the most annoying bit however -- that awaited me on arriving home, in trying to enter my building's parking lot. There is a sharp incline at the entrance ... and try as I may, there was nothing happening. It was only a passing stranger who offered to a push that allowed me finally to make it in.

On the plus side, my car seemed to have escaped the snow fence effect this time around -- some cars on the other side of my lot were afflicted. One in particular.



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star*mora said...

hope this has finally convinced you about the snow tires...or ice-grade tires...more $ but can take on ice and snow good for the snow bitten city

don't think all season ones were intended for metres of snow.

so did you outfit your car properly?