Tuesday, October 04, 2005


My parents just emailed me a bunch of recent pictures of my niece Morgan, which is as good an excuse as any to play proud uncle and post some pictures of the most beautiful little girl in the world ...

One of my favourites!


My sister-in-law Michelle with the girl of the hour ...

She's alert now, and aware of her environment ... according to my parents, she is infinitely curious, wanting to see everything that's going on. Looking right now like she'll be quite the handful once she's ambulatory -- but then, that's no surprise given who her parents are. :-)

This is one of the difficult things about my move ... I can only experience my niece's growing-up virtually.

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Kimie from SAO said...

Although all the pictures are ADORABLE, the one where Morgan is laughing is classic! You should make a calender of Morgan pics...that would be too cute for words...a pic for each month of the year...awwww :)