Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Causes for celebration

1. As of Monday, Newfoundland is no longer a have-not province. Ontario, on the other hand, is -- and I just want to say to all those lazy-ass financiers and bankers and hedge-fund managers in Toronto that I am sick of having my tax dollars siphoned off to support their lives of indolence

2. On the upside, now that Ontario is a have-not province, experts predict that Ontarians will become folksier, friendlier, and funnier

3. There was something else ... something else to celebrate. I can't quite think of what it is ...


SL said...

Hi there! I'm Sean, an English and Theory of Knowledge teacher in Singapore - but from Newfoundland. I did my first degree out your way - at MUN. I have only learned through your blog that home is no longer labeled "have not". Thank you for that. I can only say that for Newfoundland, after a mere 500 years, to finally be able to say "have" in the middle of the biggest global downturn since the great depression, is nothing if not appropriate. We don't march to the beat of a different drummer because we don't seem capable of marching to one at all. That's the folksy, friendly and funny thing about Newfoundland - always the exception. Great blog btw.

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