Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dear stupid studio execs:

Your refusal to recognize the absolutely fundamental role played by writers in the creation of ... well, everything, is as idiotic as it is baffling. They are the plankton in the entertainment food chain, but do not deserve to be treated like the tiny organisms to your whales. I hope you can't make the payments on your Escalades because of the budgetary shortfall.

More importantly, your bloody-mindedness is making a mockery of the money I'm spending on digital cable. So pay the writers what they want or I'm sending my cat's last dozen hairballs in the mail to you.

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Dallas said...

Well put! In fact, that is probably the best I pro-writers statement I've heard. You should email Tina Fey.

About the cable programming. I am 99% in agreement. The other 1% is shamefully reserved for my secret love of American Gladiators.