Friday, July 27, 2007

You know you've been watching too much "Hell's Kitchen" when ...

I was out the other night for a job candidate dinner at The Casbah, one of my favourite St. John's restaurants. My usual habit is to order their steak specials -- they do beef very well there, especially the tenderloin. The special that night was a NY striploin with cracked black pepper. I ordered it rare ... and it came medium! I was rather disappointed. I wasn't, in that context, about to send it back, but I kept having Gordon Ramsay flashes ... imagining taking it back to the kitchen screaming "You fucking DONUT! Is this rare?" And so on.

I might have to stop watching that show. Food and rage have never been conflated for me, until now.

It WOULD have been funny, though.


Lesley said...

Actually, that clip from No Reservations where she comes out and says "rare enough for you?" flashed in my head when I read that.

But really, is it so hard to ask for something and actually get it? Especially in a restaurant. And with steak. It's not like chicken, where they have to cook it, you expect your steak cooked a certain way. Sheesh.

Ok that makes me sound old.

queen B said...

Julia would have cooked your steak perfectly. Waffle House forever!

GRrrr never fails to amuse me with gems like, "Looks like baby vomit. Tastes like f&cking Bovril." and "Boiled! Boiled! Boiled! DONKEY!"

*Sigh!* I even love the bacon-like waves of his furrowed brow...