Monday, July 09, 2007

10 things you probably don't know about me

I'm currently kicking around an idea for a blog post about the culture of narcissism, so I thought it weirdly appropriate that I post something right now all about me. This is in imitation of my friend Matt, who recently did the same thing on his own blog. Plus, I've let this blog lag an unconscionably long time; I have a few posts in mind, the aforementioned one on narcissism, plus I'm formulating my own list of predictions for the final Harry Potter novel. Those ones need to simmer for a while still though, so here you are: ten obscure and possibly interesting facts about yours truly.

1. Apparently, I didn’t speak at all until the age of two, when I started talking in complete sentences. According to family lore, my parents would hear me practicing in my crib, but when they’d enter my room and try to get me to repeat what they’re heard, I’d clam up.

2. Further to the previous note: many people assume that my rather professorial (read: pompous) manner of speaking comes from my years of study in English. Actually, I’ve always spoken this way. When I was young I would introduce myself to people very seriously and carefully, saying “My name is Christopher James Lockett” and offering to shake their hand.

3. When I’m having difficulty falling asleep, I think of sword fights, especially the one from The Princess Bride. I find the rhythm soothing.

4. My parents always assured me, through my kindergarten years, that I would learn to read in grade one—a point I was very anxious about. I came home from school after my first day of grade one in high dudgeon because, after one day, I hadn’t yet learned to read.

5. I am never quite so calm or at peace as when I can see water. Even sitting by a creek in the summer is quite recuperative for the soul.

6. Though I am not a morning person, my favourite time of day is early morning, especially in the time just before the rest of the world wakes up. I like being into the office early, especially when it’s still slightly dark, and I can turn on my desk lamp and collect my thoughts in a pleasant pool of light.

7. I talk to myself a lot, especially if I’m out walking. When trying to work through a particular question, I stage imaginary conversations with someone taking a contrary position. I frequently win these arguments.

8. My earliest memory is of five-pin bowling with my paternal grandmother. I remember tottering down the lane, staggering under the weight of the ball, and dropping it with what felt like an earth-shattering crack.

9. The first music I ever spent my own money on was a 45rpm single of “Come on Eileen.” My second purchase was “Jump” by Van Halen. The third was “The Reflex” by Duran Duran.

10. I love fog and mist. One of my favourite sailing experiences was on Lake Ontario when we raced in fog so thick you couldn’t see more than twenty feet in any direction—but the fog also only went about twenty feet up, so we could see the masts of all the other boats in our vicinity. Every so often we would see a masthead approaching, and a sailboat would materialize, pass in front, and disappear again.


Sheena said...

Best sword fight ever.

bullfighter6.2 said...

Mulligan taught Jordan and I the beginning to that sword fight for `The Rehearsal`.

I in turn taught it to several people.

Addictive and makes you feel like a pro at once. M wouldn`t let us do the cool little flips though. :(

Ditto on the talking to yourself. If only my great auto-oratories were written down, I`m sure I would outshine Churchill...maybe.

Narcissm. Shmeh. What`s the web for!

Lesley said...

You know, I can totally see you as a child walking up to people and shaking their hands. For some odd reason.

Shelby said...

Hello.. happened upon your blog this evening.. am enjoying the iceburg photos and can hardly imagine how summers there are a whopping 25 degrees. Although I've never been to that part of the world, it's so intriguing and looks quite beautiful.

Enjoyed reading of your daily jaunts.. happy Tuesday.

Shelby said...

Great blog you have. I wrote today about Newfoundland and other Canadian blogs.. included yours. Take care and happy Tuesday!

Joanne said... name is inigo montoya, you killed my father, prepare to d--... oh wait, I forgot what I was going to comment on... oh yeah - didn't the serious-voiced, grand introduction thing start with your kelsey grammer stage? (i'm all ee cummings today - leave me alone.)

Maryeliz said...

Stumbled across your blog while looking for a quote about cats being the souls of the house. Lovely site. I envy you living in Newfoundland. All best to you.