Thursday, June 01, 2006


Well, I was going to post a bunch of pictures to go with yesterday's post, but for some reason only the beer tent managed to upload. So to supplement the chat about the Congress and the poker game, here's some visuals.

The pre-game table:

My seat, prior to the massive chip win:

My cousin Jeff, left, and my brother Matt. You know, there must be hundreds of photos of these two in existence, and they always manage to have this exact same pose.

My sister-in-law Michelle brings the wee Morgan down to wish us all luck:

And some Congress shots. Here's the view from the entrance to the President's Reception on Sunday evening. I really hope the guy down in the lower right hand corner (a) Never sees this blog, and if he does (b) isn't a remarkably powerful person who can fuck up my career at the outset.

Fond memories: the outside of Winters College at York, in whose pub the Absinthe I spent many an hour in my undergrad.

It does clean up good -- I should have gone around to take some pictures of the ugly parts of York University, but it was too damn hot. So here's the Student Center.


syl said...

so i must admit, I haven't been on your blog for quite some time, let alone write a comment.
soooo here it is! I saw the post that you were back in London just RIGHT NOW. haha. I'm guessing you are not there any longer! but I hope you had a nice re-visit.

i hope everything else is going well for you!
I start SAO on Monday (well, the training part...) nonetheless, I thought of you! and how sad it is that I don't get to work with you again.

Chris in NF said...

Actually, I'm back in London until mid-July ... so I'll keep an eye out for you. :-)