Monday, May 20, 2013

Game of Thrones 3.08: Second Sons

Hello everyone, and welcome back for a very special edition of the Chris & Nikki Game of Thrones co-blogging project.

As may or may not have been explained on this blog previously, I know Nikki from when we did our MAs at the University of Toronto together. Back then, we bonded immediately because we were the only grad students in the program who (a) owned televisions, (b) watched television, (c) were willing to admit both of these facts. We talked at length about The Simpsons one day before our Victorian Fiction and the Politics of Gender class, while our classmates inched away from us in horror.

And we've been friends ever since -- friends who do not, alas, see much of each other because I now live in Newfoundland. So when I mentioned I'd be in Ontario and would it be cool if I paid a visit, she said "Well ... can you make your visit on a SUNDAY?"

Why yes. Yes, I could. And since we were able to watch GoT together for the first time, we decided to take advantage of that and do something we otherwise couldn't, and do a video blog.

So here we are in all our poorly lit glory ...

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Anonymous said...

I have not watched your "joint video blog" yet...and I am only half way through the latest G of T, but can anyone say "dysfunctional families"? As a drunken Tyrion raises his glass to Loras, sulking in the balcony?

Looking forward to the rest of the episode, and to watching your co-blog.