Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Winter is here ... and the geeks couldn't be happier

OK, to start with, I realize that my last blog post announced I would finally post the last few vampire cage matches in three days time. Did I say three days? I, um, meant three months.

Fine, fine ... my bad. In my defense, I have had one of the busiest and otherwise crappiest terms of my academic career, for reasons mostly not to do with school (though a full course load this term didn't help). To any students reading this post: it wasn't you. I had great classes. Just ... you know, a lot of them.

ANYWAY. I throw myself back into blogging now just as the dust settles and I get ready to shift into research/writing mode ... and the event kick-starting my newfound blogging resolve? Well, what do you think?

That's right, sports fans! On Sunday last, the event we've all been waiting for happened -- HBO premiered its first episode of Game of Thrones, the series based on George R. R. Martin's epic fantasy series. And it was AMAZING. So much so, and so enthusiastic was the response, that they've already announced Season Two.

And I'd love to tell you in detail what I thought about it, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Why, you ask? Because my most excellent friend and far superior blogger Nikki Stafford, TV commentator and critic extraordinaire was blown away by the first few episodes (in her role as TV commentator and critic extraordinaire, she was given the first few episodes on DVD ahead of time to review ... yeah, yeah, I know, but we forgive her), but has not herself read the novels. So she has suggested that we co-blog the first season together -- her from the perspective of a GRRM newbie, me from the perspective of a guy who bought the first novel in hardcover. In 1996. (These books have been a long time in the writing).

So tomorrow, our respective responses to episode one will go live on both her blog and my own humble piece of the webz here. And since I can't very well leave Nikki out to dry here, there will be no promising of posts and then buggering off for two and a half months. Promise.

Our simul-posts will go up every Wednesday. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Haven't seen the show yet, but heard it was EPIC.

Consider me intrigued!


MLBurt said...

The geeks really couldn't be happier. Hearing Sean Bean say "Winter is coming" sort of gave me chills.

I was also kind of stunned at how well Mark Addy played Robert (or at least, how well I thought he played him). Never would've guessed Addy had it in him, but that might just be because I'm generally unfamiliar with what he's done.

Chadwise said...

As you mentioned on facebook, Dinklage did an incredible job with Tyrion and I cannot wait for more. I can't wait to read your thoughts on this. Also, I can't wait for Arya to get Needle and to start dancing lessons. For some reason i'm really drawn to her character. There seems to be a lot I can't wait for. I'm impatient.