Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raise a glass to Arthur

My parents are currently touring Ireland, and are fortunate enough to be there during the celebrations of Guiness' 250th anniversary. They wrote me an email to remind me that today is the day, and that I must raise a glass of the blonde in the black skirt to mark the occasion.

Well, I suppose if I must, I must...

As long as I'm on the subject of all things Irish, I should mention in passing that last week U2 played in Toronto and I WASN'T THERE. Kristen was, as well as a significant number of other friends of mine, but there was no way I was getting away in the first week of classes, alas.

I'm rather happy that U2 is touring while my parents are in Ireland, because my parents are exactly the sort of people who would wander into a small pub in Dublin and befriend the four guys having a quiet pint, and later tell me "They were all very nice, even the guy in the sunglasses. He wouldn't shut up about Africa. They said they were all in a band. Have you heard of them?"


Question Mark said...

Hilariously, that story apparently happened to my parents. They were in Ireland last year and allegedly met the Edge --- my mom saw him walking his dog and stopped to compliment the dog. My folks let him on his way, then they went into a pub and were told by the bartender that the U2 guitarist just left with his dog.

Question Mark said...

To this day, I don't know if they were

a) serious
b) just met some random guy in a toque
c) are trying to prank me