Sunday, November 18, 2007

Autumn in St. John's

Today was one of those brilliant St. John's autumn days that approaches the sublime, where the air is crisp yet oddly warm (for November), the sky is perfectly clear and the air itself energizes you. Autumn in this city is infinitely changeable (had it gone from brilliant sunlight to fog and rain in the space of a half-hour it would be par for the course), but capable of truly stunning beauty. I think autumn here is our trade-off for the pretty uniformly springs we get ... I keep getting warned that winter can make its first appearance by late October, but thankfully my time here hasn't seen that happen yet -- thankfully I've seen these amazing autumns stretch into December, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that to happen a third year in a row.

Today's weather was made that much nicer by the fact that I now have a backyard. The view from my office window:


airfair crew said...

Beautiful city! A rare treasure that most Canadians have yet to experience but should absoluely make the effort to do so! Wish we were there!

Em said...

I need to blame something for the snow I just walked through, so I'm blaming you and this post. You jinxed it!
Except not really...I was prepared with coat, hat, and mitts and after throwing those on, the weather was rather long as the snow continues to melt when it hits the ground.

Dallas said...

Talk about beautiful weather! I do really want to see St. John's some day. Until then, I shall enjoy the virtual tour you've provided with your lovely pics. Thanks!