Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday cuteness -- an overdue Morgan update

My brother Matt sent me these photos about a week ago. How unreal is his little girl?

A few things:

(1) She's talking more now, with an ever-expanding vocabulary.
(2) I have a name now -- she recognizes me in photos (though not, I'm sure, making the connection to who I am in relation to her), and calls me "Dis." Uncle Dis.
(3) She LOVES the Toronto Science Center. Matt and Michelle take her there every sunday, and apparently she is so excited when they pull into the parking lot that she's practically vibrating.


Annie said...

Uncle Dis? Awesome ^^

Keke. She's getting so big! It's strange to say that about a child I've never met, but it's true!

Lesley said...

She is so cute. And don't worry about the not knowing you thing. My youngest neice was completely disappointed when my sister moved back from Japan and she could no longer talk to her on the computer. She thought Auntie 'Lana was someone who lived in the glowing box we talked to now and then.