Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Springtime, for St. John's, and New-ew-foundland!

I may be speaking too soon on that front, given that it was -2 when I got in the car this morning, but at least the feel of spring is in the air. It is perhaps inevitable that there will be more snow before all is said and done; however, winter's back has been broken, I think, and any more blizzards will just be the petulant expression of a season that has overstayed its welcome.

Hear that winter? Get out! Get your lazy ass off our collective couch and go home.

Loving the early Daylight Savings Time. Best idea George W. Bush ever had. Well, the only good idea he's ever had. Quite the epitaph for his legacy.

Anyway, sorry for the long blog hiatus. I'm back and am in fact wearing black. The end is in sight: the last day of exams is less than a month away, and I have that date circled on my calendar. There is much to get through between now and then, of course, but at least I feel more energized than I have since, oh, september. Amazing what a little sun can do.


Mandy said...

come on newfies, go into...your dance!

FanglyFish said...

"Loving the early Daylight Savings Time. Best idea George W. Bush ever had"

Try being and I.T. guy. Not such a great idea... Lets think... how do you make all the computers jump forward a month early? oh ya.... Work lots of friggin' overtime. Thats how.

m said...

It seems as though your heading may pertain to everyone being simulataneously shot by a FarSight XR20 . . . am I correct?

Chris in NF said...

Actually, it's a line from Ghostbusters -- the consequences of "crossing the streams."